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Covid 19 testing availability at HCMC & HCMC COVID-19 Antibody testing fact sheet:

Covid 19 testing availability at HCMC.

After researching for the pros and cons of doing antibody rapid test for Covid19 - we decided to set up a rapid (blood test) in order to help Patient’s understand their Covid19 immunity status.

This is NOT to test patients with acute infection but for those who had mild flu-like symptoms which might have been a mild case of COVID19, or those who wish to know if they had been exposed and naturally immunized to the virus.

A few countries in Europe are milling with the idea of issuing a certificate for patients who have Covid19 immunity- it is an excellent idea to let people who are already immunized back into society to work so the community/ economy can move forward!

We have the test available at a cost of 1800 THB- including a complete blood count report. (no consultation needed/included)

We also provide blood draw at home if you have 5 or more family members/friends or neighbors wanting the test done at the same time. (Extra service charge will be applied- services available within 15 km radius of HCMC)

Our team members will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while on service and patients are also requested to wear a mask during the service for protection on both parties.

If you are young and physically healthy- there is no need to worry and no need to do any testing at all.

If you have mild symptoms and want to be certain, however, the testing option might help you to define your condition better.

HCMC COVID-19 Antibody testing information you need to know.

1)  What is COVID-19 Antibody test?

It is a test that detects immune response (IgM and IgG) to the covid-19 virus once the person infected with virus.

2)  What sample is used for the test?

Blood sample

3)  Is the test reliable?

According to the manufacturer and Chinese FDA: the test sensitivity is 86.43% and Specificity is 99.57%

4)  Is the test good for everyone?

It is suitable for patients with No acute COVID 19 like symptoms. For the acute illness, RT-PCR test is still more effective and reliable concerning a timely manner.

5)  Which country is the test kit come from?


6)  Does it have FDA approval?

Yes, Chinese and Thai FDA approval.

7)  How long does it take to get the result?

30 minutes but with our extra CBC test: the report will be sent by email within a day.

8)  How long does it take for the body to produce immune level?

At least 5-14 days after the infection.

9)  What is the Ig M?

It is a short-term immune response/antibody after the infection.

10) What does it mean if I have positive Covid-19 IgM?

It indicates that you are recently infected with the Covid19 and should be sent for further testing and may need to get treatment if showing symptoms.

11) What is the Ig G?

It is a kind of body immune response after infected with virus/bacteria, which will be present in the body for a long time and can prevent our body from getting that kind of virus and bacteria again.

12) What does it mean if I have a positive Covid Ig G?

It indicates you were already infected with the Covid 1 and already have an immunity to the virus.

Though at present, we are not certain whether the COVID-19 immunity is effective enough to protect you against the re-infection, as the viral mutation seems to be one of the characters in COVID19.

13) What does it mean if my antibody test is negative for both Ig M and Ig G?

It could mean that you have not been exposed to the coronavirus, or you have been exposed but, very mild and your body does not produce any immune repose to it or produce in a tiny amount that testing cannot detect (14% false-negative test)

14) What do I need to you to prepare for the test?

Pre-register with our online form, we will provide the time slot for your simple blood draw. This is to avoid waiting at the clinic and keep social distancing practice as much as we could do on your visit.

15) Do I need to refrain from food or drink?


16)   How can I pre-register my test?                        Please scan QR Code for Registration


Or use the link below for registration.

Registration Form.

      Please refer to the tab below (Virus Protection) for all precautionary measures to be taken while we face the contagious virus. Please Stay Safe and follow the rules set down by the Thailand government and other organizations around the world.


We Care.



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