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With the COVID 19 Situation.

Visitors Duties:

We are requesting that all the patients regardless of respiratory tract symptoms wear a mask to come into our premises, in order to:

1) Protect yourself from exposure to potential unknown asymptotic COVID19 patients.

2) Protect spreading droplets to other patients when you sneeze or cough during the visit.

3) Protect our staff members as we still need to be well to care for other non-COVID patients.

Only take the mask off when you are asked to be examined.

We reserve the right to refuse medical attention for those who do not have a face mask on.

Avoid touching any surface unnecessary, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer provided at all corners at          HCMC, after touching objects.


Please be seated on a chair in the provided area only.


Non-patients (friends, driver, carer) are requested to wait outside, for minor one parent/guardian is allowed.

This is to avoid overcrowding inside the HCMC.

 HCMC Duties:

We keep the door handles, desk and other surfaces, waiting chairs, floor, cleaned every 30 minutes.

Medical apparatus are being cleaned/wiped with antiseptic before/ after each use.

We keep our mask on at all times- even in normal circumstances as many of you know.

Always have gloves on when exam/doing any procedure as we always do.

We will not provide nebulizer treatment inhouse to avoid airborne spreading: for those with bronchitis/              pneumonia - A rental nebulizer will be arranged for home use as needed.

Set a distance between waiting area/ chair to avoid close contact.

We Provide rubbing alcohol at every little corner, hand washing area for everyone's use.

Keep social distancing amongst the staff as much as we could do at work.

We may use Face shield during the exam of Respiratory illness to save ourselves to stay viral free so that          we can be here as long as possible to help others.


In the event of one of the staff contracting the virus, we all need to be quarantined for a period of 2-3  weeks, thus we will be unable to provide any medical services during the quarantine period. 

We need you to please kindly understand our rules and follow them strictly on your visit. Let's fight this invisible enemy as a team/family.

N Morgan and the HCMC team.


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